About Us!

Grow Where You Are

Fungi and Flora started from a small collection of plants, a few spare candles laying around the house, and one tiny worm composting bin at the start of the pandemic.

After a friend moved away and left their plant collection with us, Kraig and I quickly found ourselves with houseplants and cuttings filling our kitchen table, coffee table, bathrooms, and our two year old’s room and decided to share the joy that houseplants brought us during the first few months of social isolation. That quickly morphed into bringing home 75 lbs of red wigglers for composting and sharing, as well as launching a line of homemade soy wax candles.

Things have changed a bit in the past few months, but you can still find us with our line of candles, houseplants scattered around our house, and worms scattered in various hiding places in our house. We recently launched a line of literary candles and hope to continue to bring joy and eco-friendliness into your homes. 🙂