Vodka Vanilla


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    • Convenient 2 oz. size
    • Handmade in small batches
    • Pressure-cooked for maximum flavor


    Our vanilla extracts are made with Indonesian vanilla beans known for their sweet and earthy flavor profile. We begin by toasting and grinding the beans, then add them to a variety of alcohol bases to suit different tastes and baking needs. After we pressure cook the mixture to ensure maximum flavor, we allow the finished vanilla to steep for several weeks prior to bottling. This process results in a rich and aromatic vanilla extract.


    Fungi and Flora’s Vodka Vanilla is our most pure vanilla flavor, as the vodka allows the vanilla flavors to shine through. We recommend using this flavor for icing, cakes, your morning smoothie–anything that you already use vanilla extract for!


    Ingredients: Vodka, Vanilla Beans

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